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  • When we decided to alter and improve our get away cottage in St Michaels Md, we knew it would be a challenge. We are located in the Historic district, an area very dear to the townsfolks of St Michaels. We had a plan and to achieve it we needed a very creative force as our contractor. Our architect Pam Gardner introduced us to Bruce Harrington with the highest accolades. We bid out the project, and it was Bruce who brought the most to the table, in terms of quality, creative uses for small spaces and the most wonderful esthetic carpentry ideas. It was a perfect match.

    Bruce, BHCC staff and sub-contractors were professional, tidy, skilled and the most polite group of construction workers. It was a pleasure to have them on the property. The neighbors even commented that the site was immaculate when the crews left at the end of the day and how ‘nice’ the workers were. A clean site may seem trite, but it is always a big concern when you are located in the heart of a close-knit neighborhood and near the center of a much visited town.

    The project started and stayed close to schedule, Our priority was quality, we wanted beautiful workmanship, and comfort systems that worked with a vacation house. Bruce had clever solutions and knows his business, what works and what doesn’t. His guidance as we discussed anything from pocket doors upstairs to the curved glass bathroom wall, that allows us to have an extra shower downstairs, was so valuable. I have to mention, that the porch ceiling is a work of art, an idea that Bruce dreamed up for us.

    Our little house was gutted, floors dug up, exterior walls weatherproofed, so this was not just, an addition. In reality a rebirth and complete rebuild for our home. In Bruce’s hands, he took our little historic, about to tumble down house and created a jewel in the Historic district of St Michaels. The ‘old house’ and the new rooms merged seamlessly. From the beginning and through the endless design decisions to the finished home, Bruce and BHCC team were excellent. I can only give the most glowing recommendation to Bruce and the BHCC team.

    Most important is that when Bruce Harrington takes on your project his becomes your advocate to do the best job, bar none.

    Rick and Laurie Johnson

    We volunteered to write this testimonial for The Bruce Harrington Construction Company. We give Bruce and his team our highest recommendation. Before we started our project, we had heard warm endorsements of Bruce and his team from Eastern Shore friends and our architect. We now share their high regard.

    BHCC's work involved doubling the size of our house. We added a new 3,000 square foot wing, expanded and completely redid our kitchen and made other major changes, including new HVAC and septic systems.

    We have worked with several builders in different locations over the years, so we were savvy consumers. Bruce submitted the most detailed and well-researched bid of those we reviewed. It was also one of the most reasonably priced, given the quality and scope of proposed work.

    From the start of construction in October, 2009, to substantial completion in June, 2010, and thereafter in finishing a punch list and other add-on projects, Bruce and his team did a superb job.

    Most significant, working through extremely difficult circumstances in the winter of 2009-10, BHCC began and completed a major, high quality project on time and on budget. Save for one issue arising from a change in Talbot County requirements, there were no unexpected change orders; the changes we asked for were fairly priced. Bruce stayed personally involved from beginning to end, consistently offering thoughtful advice as we dealt with the inevitable uncertainties and construction choices, and several times pointing out ways to achieve our desired result in a better or more cost-effective way.

    Bruce, his BHCC staff, and his sub-contractors were not only skilled, but also a pleasure to work with. They were courteous, responsive, and flexible. They coordinated work with our landscape and irrigation teams to complete the project efficiently. Once we had moved back in, as the last touches were being put in place, they were thoughtful of our family's needs, checking schedules and attending to potential hazards, mindful of our young grandchildren and dogs. Our whole family is delighted with the results of project. We could not have had a better experience working with Bruce and his whole team.

    Jonathan and Nina Marks